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Is A Virtual Quality Manager A Good Fit For Your Business?

Is A Virtual Quality Manager A Good Fit For Your Business?

So you just purchased a shiny new car with all the bells and whistles. You have wanted this beautiful, sleek and sporty peace of coveted machinery for such a long time. You are well versed on every feature and spec included in this state of the art road warrior, searched every auto website and review forum and now finally the time has come!

Its purchase day and you can’t wait to take this baby for a spin down the closest freeway…but wait, there is one last thing you are missing, the dreaded insurance.

Everybody wants the new car, they are eager and excited about the color, tech package, and let’s not forget about the prestige, the envious looks from neighbors as you slowly parade down your street! Yet nobody wants to think about the auto insurance policy that will be needed to take care of you and your precious new chariot! Where is the fun in that?

I mean, insurance has no physical, or emotional presence attached to it. It costs you money, yet you see no tangible return from it, however, you would never think of driving off of the car lot without it! Why? Because it protects your investment!

How does this relate to quality management?

This is the view many businesses have when it comes to the quality management function within their organization.

Again, quality management offers no tangible result, or physical value on the surface. It doesn’t show the potential of production, or operations which will ultimately produce a product or service which converts into revenue and profit.

Yet your company will not survive without it. It’s really that simple.

Unless you can develop quality processes within your organization that will help to ensure your product or service is up to, or exceeding your client’s expectations your business will not survive, but be left with nothing to show for your troubles. Similar to driving off the dealer car lot without adequate insurance and running headlights first into the car in front of you.

I get it, time is at a premium, and you’re consumed with trying to establish your business, keep things moving forward, and keep the company in the black. But there are other ways of accomplishing your quality goals and requirements without sacrificing your valuable time and energy, or that of your management group.

What is a Remote Quality Advisor?

Don’t worry, I am not suggesting your hire a dedicated Quality Manager, or costly in-house consultant, in order to meet this demand. In fact your quality processes and requirements may not be sufficiently demanding enough to warrant that level of representation.

Instead, why not take advantage of a Virtual Quality Advisor to provide you with the support you need, when you need it, for this vital part of your business.

Small to mid-sized companies know they need a quality system, or representative in place in order to stay in the game and meet the requirements of their clients and industry regulations, however, may not possess the knowledge, or experience, to handle this important function themselves. It is also likely that they simply do not have the resources to hire a full time quality representative, or house consultant to manage this area of their business for them.

A professional Quality Advisor can take the load off your busy shoulders with expert quality management advice, counseling, customer request support, documentation development and much much more for a very reasonable price point.

  • No costly in-house consultant
  • No unnecessary overhead such as benefits, vacation pay, etc.
  • No full time employees or managers until your organization requires that level of representation

What are the benefits of a Remote Quality Advisor?

An off site Quality Advisor can provide remote support services when you need them. Such services could include:

  • Have a quality related question? Just pick up the phone or send an email for the answers or guidance on how best to proceed.
  • Your client have a request, or requirement, that your not sure how to meet? Simple, call or email and have your Quality Advisor show you the way to make your clients happy and get that much needed work!
  • Have an industry requirement that you need to comply with? You guest it! A qualified Quality Advisor can handle that for you as well.
  • Regulatory compliance an issue? A Quality Advisor can help you do the research to meet best meet this regulatory requirement and guide you through the process.
  • Need quality documentation, but not sure where to start?Have your Quality Advisor work with you to develop quality related documentation that is tailored to your business?
  • Just wish to know where your business stands in terms of your quality system, or requirements, and get feedback on where to go next with your quality system? With input from you and your management team A Quality Advisor can assess your business and give you the detailed feedback you need to take your business to the next level of success!

A professional Quality Advisor can quite simply be the easiest way to meet your quality requirements and goals without breaking your budget and help bridge that gap between simply needing support and requiring the services of a full time Quality Manager. For now why not have a remote Quality Advisor manage all your quality needs for you and keep your cost low.

How QCA Online can help!

We have developed a unique online resource that will have a substantial impact on your business by making it easy for you to set up or improve a quality system that will satisfy client and industry requirements, without the expense of hiring an in-house consultancy firm or sending employees to costly off site training, losing valuable production time.

As you know, every organization, without exception, must have a valid quality system in place in order to meet client expectations, regardless of who that client is, and ultimately stay in business.

Our Virtual Quality Manager Program is a highly efficient way to implement or improve a quality management system within your organization and get the support you need when you need it most, train as many of your staff or management personnel as you wish without putting a dent in your training budget, receive “on-demand” assistance from an experienced and certified management professional to help you implement your new system and get all the quality documentation you require to help your business run effectively with little disruption to production or operations.

This is truly a unique and effective way to get your quality system up and running easily and quickly!

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