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Time Is Running Out On ISO 9001:2008! Are You Ready?

Time is Running Out on ISO 9001:2008! Are You ready?

With only 12 short months to go before ISO 9001:2008 turns into a pumpkin and ends its run as the world’s most widely used quality management standard, (That’s a Cinderella reference in case you have completely blocked out your childhood) organizations and quality professionals are going to be scrambling to update their quality management systems and professional credentials.

But wait, 12 months seems like a pretty long period of time is it not? What’s the rush??

In the world of business, 12 months can pass in a heartbeat, especially if you are tasked with updating your management system, adding processes and procedures, creating new forms and records, communicating the changes to your staff, training, auditing…the list goes on!

There is work to be done!

There is a lot of work to be done and if you are not proactive in your approach to the new standard then you are in for a surprise when you do finally get your ducks in a row and start the process for yourself.

If your organization, or management team have not taken steps to get themselves up to speed on the latest requirements then you may be surprised at the extent of the changes involved.

You’re the “go to guy/gal”

If you’re a quality professional you are going to be the “go to” experts that companies turn to in order to guide them down that road of transitioning from the familiar 2008 standard to the revamped and much less prescriptive version of 2015.

There is a lot that has been left to the imagination in the new standard and some of the requirements may take some real evaluation of not only your own internal processes, but also those of outside sources you may not have considered previously.

Considering a newly implemented ISO 9001 system generally takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months to implement I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that time is running out!

Like I mentioned earlier, in the world of business, 12 months can pass before you know it and leave you far behind the 8 ball when you could be on top of your game.

Just sit back and relax…

What’s that? Your company doesn’t require ISO 9001 certification? Oh sorry, I guess this doesn’t apply to you so you can sit back and relax.

Nice try! Your clients or customers might not require that you have an ISO 9001 certification, but you can bet they require some form of a quality system within your operations. And guess what standard they are likely to evaluate that system against? You guessed it…ISO 9001.

So you may not require a formal certificate but you will need to maintain a level of quality with a system that is recognizable to the rest of the world.



It’s your lucky day!

But do panic! There is hope, and it just so happens that we have just what you need to get the ball rolling and ensure your primed and ready to get yourself and your company on the path to ISO 9001:2015 compliance regardless of whether you plan to seek certification or not.

Need ISO 9001:2015 training to make sure your armed with the latest tools to help organizations get where they need to be? We have a fantastic online training program that is not only convenient, but extremely affordable. There is simply no better way to get yourself proficient in the latest version of the standard than with our ISO 9001:2015 Online Training Program!

Need to get started on your company documentation? We have you covered there too. Get all the required ISO 9001:2015 compliant documentation templates to get your QMS up to date, or even started from scratch. These templates are completely customizable to fit your specific organizational requirements.

Not sure how to do this yourself? You guessed it…we can help there as well. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on on-site consultants, or full time quality managers when you can get expert consultation and support with our virtual quality manager program. We can support you with all your quality management needs without breaking your budget!

So there is hope after all. Check us out and see how QCA Online can help you with all of your quality management needs!

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