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Marketing Your Quality System. Why Organizations Should Promote This Valuable Asset

Marketing Your Quality System. Why Organizations Should Promote this Valuable Asset

Does your organization display or promote its quality system proudly in its marketing?

If the answer is yes, then kudos to your management and marketing team for understanding that this is a valuable selling point to your prospective customers and clients.

If you answered no, then why not?

Why not use this very valuable asset within your marketing arsenal?

But don’t worry, this is a relatively simple fix, however, may require a small amount of resources for branding purposes. Not as much as you might think though.

My question to you is why would you not elect to show the world that you are committed to providing a quality product or service to your clients, and that you have taken the time and resources required in order to develop and implement a quality system and establish a quality culture within your organization?

Don’t you think the public should be aware of this fact?

I mean it could quite simply come down to the deciding factor between you and the other guys in your market.


What if our quality management system is not certified?

Many organizations will display their ISO certification on their website, email signatures or marketing materials, but that certainly doesn’t mean you must have a certification to show off your commitment to quality and improvement.

If your industry, or clients, demand such a certification then this is a different story and you must comply in order to stay competitive, however, many clients or customers will not care if you hold a certificate.

Simply displaying the fact that you have taken it upon yourselves to focus on quality will go a long way.

What if we don’t have a quality system?

Don’t currently have a quality management system in place at your organization? (we can help with that! Click here to learn more.)

Maybe you have not had the resources, or expertise/experience to develop and implement a quality system, or have had your head down focused on making the company profitable and keeping the lights on, that you haven’t had the time to devote to this task.

Well what better reason than to add to your public and client perception and add to your marketing plan then to put that missing piece of the puzzle in place.

As I mentioned above you do not have to go all in and implement an ISO 9001 ready quality system with all the bells and whistles.

Simply start small and develop a system that works well for your current scope of business.

This gives you the opportunity to show your commitment to bettering your organization and satisfying your customer or client needs.

You can then build on that system as needed over time, and as your business becomes more complex.

The message here is start now! It’s not an all or nothing type deal with any management system.

How should a company promote its quality system?

So how exactly are you supposed to promote your quality system anyway?

Many organizations will include something on their website.

A menu tab simply titled “Quality” will do the trick.

Once a prospective client clicks on this tab you have a small blurb explaining your commitment to quality and how you go about achieving it.

This does not have to be a long drawn out document explaining every aspect of your quality system in detail, but simply a policy statement, and the fact that you have developed processes to ensure quality is upheld within the organization.

Include a small blurb on your marketing flyers and company portfolio.

Again this can simply be a very short statement about your organization’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

If you have a certification then include the approved logo or identification to show this.

What about a safety system?

Have a safety program within your business?

Promote that too! This is another area of your organization that you should be proud to display.

It shows you are committed to safe working conditions for your employees and not simply looking to turn a profit at all costs.

People are much more in tune with such things these days and want to do business with a caring and moral organization.

This also helps in finding and retaining good talent to improve your business and add to your success.

In conclusion

So to sum things up, don’t miss the opportunity to promote your commitment to providing quality products and services whenever you can.

In today’s marketplace it is a great selling feature and in many cases a must.

So show it off and put it to work for you beyond the benefits of having efficient processes within the organization.

How QCA Online can help!

We have developed a unique online resource that will have a substantial impact on your business by making it easy for you to set up or improve a quality system that will satisfy client and industry requirements, without the expense of hiring an in-house consultancy firm or sending employees to costly off site training, losing valuable production time.

As you know, every organization, without exception, must have a valid quality system in place in order to meet client expectations, regardless of who that client is, and ultimately stay in business.

Our new Online Quality Management Systems Implementation Program is a highly efficient way to implement or improve a quality management system within your organization that is based on, and compliant with, the world’s most recognized quality standard, ISO 9001 (certification is not required), train as many of your staff or management personnel as you wish without putting a dent in your training budget, receive “on-demand” assistance from an experienced and certified management professional to help you implement your new system and get all the quality documentation you require to help your business run effectively with little disruption to production or operations.

This is truly a unique and effective way to get your quality system up and running easily and quickly!

Click the book image below to get a FREE chapter of “Mastering ISO 9001:2015” A Step-By-Step Guide To The World’s Most Popular Management Standard!


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