Easily Develop Your Own ISO 9001 Compliant Quality Management System

No Costly Consultant Fee Required

Do Any of the Questions Below Apply to You?

  • Do you need to develop and implement a quality management system in your organization? 
  • Are you new to ISO 9001 and looking to get your company certified?  
  • Do you need to upgrade your current QMS to the new ISO 9001:2015 requirements? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you must continue reading!

ISO 9001 is Unquestionably the Ultimate Global Benchmark for Quality Management. 

But getting certified involves a number of problems:

  • It’s expensive, costing thousands of dollars in classroom based training, consulting and documentation development fees – almost unthinkable for smaller companies with tight budgets
  • It can be extremely labor intensive and time consuming
  • If you are not experienced in developing quality systems, it can be confusing and difficult to implement effectively

Just check out this receipt for one of my own classroom based ISO 9001 trainings…Ouch! 

And that's just the training!  

  • Plus 5 days of hotel, meals, rental car and lost work!
  • Countless hours developing your QMS documentation, or spend thousands for a consultant to do this for you

The Solution? 

The Mastering ISO 9001 QMS Development Package

We’ve effectively trained over 1400 professionals with our best in class eLearning courses on Quality Management and ISO 9001.

  • Our online courses are based on the ISO 9001:2015 Standards and are led by a certified and experienced instructor making them more effective than other online options on the market, and much more economical then classroom based training.
  • Plus, get over 50 customizable ISO 9001:2015 compliant documentation templates to get your new system up and running quickly!
  • Do all of this from the comfort of your office and without spending a fortune on consulting fees!

What You Get

  • This package contains everything you need to know about the latest edition of ISO 9001 so you and your staff can have the knowledge to implement your new system effectively.

  • Plus over 50 customizable ISO 9001:2015 compliant documentation templates to get your new system up and running quickly! All the heavy lifting has been done for you!


ISO 9001 Training

60+ Comprehensive Video Lessons

  • Each lesson will walk you through each and every clause of the ISO 9001 Standard
  • Lessons are packed with valuable information and insights  
  • You’ll learn from a certified and experienced quality management professional with years of ISO 9001 experience in industries such as aviation, oil and energy, manufacturing, construction, engineering, and more!  



10 Lesson-Based Quizzes

  • Test your knowledge and understanding of what you have learned in the associated lesson module 
  • Solidify your knowledge and retention of the course content so that you will be equipped to implement the standard in your career or business
  • The quizzes are a vital step to ensure you have a firm grasp of the content before making use of your newfound knowledge in your career or business. 

Downloadable PDF Video Slide Decks

  • The free downloadable video slide decks will help in quick and easy reference, both during the training and in your professional activities long after your training is completed  
  • No need to worry about searching through hours of video to find that one particular slide you are looking for 
  • Simply download the PDF slide decks which are separated by lesson, and easily find the information you need!  


Certificate of Completion 

  • Your certificate will allow you to showcase your proficiency in the latest ISO 9001 standard
  • The perfect way to demonstrate your knowledge and credentials to others such as employers, potential employers, or clients
  • Include your certificate on your resume; post it on your social media profiles such as LinkedIn.  


  • Your training course is available and ready to start immediately after purchase! 
  • No waiting for scheduled start dates. 
  • Do as much as you like, whenever you like as time permits. 
  • The system will automatically track and save your progress. 
  • No Stress, no time constraints, no schedules! 
  • You decide what works best for your schedule!

Documentation Template Kit

Complete Set of Customizable QMS Documentation Templates

  • Instant access to over 50 customizable ISO 9001:2015 compliant documentation templates to get your new system up and running quickly!
  • Over 50 customizable documents that already include all the requirements your ISO 9001 compliant QMS will need. 
  • Simply fill in the clearly marked areas that are specific to your scope of business.
  • Quality Manual, Process Documents, Procedures, Forms and Checklists. All ready to be customized by you or your team!
  • The complete set of customizable templates will be available for download as a zip file immediately after purchase.

***The complete set of customizable templates will be available for download as a zip file immediately after purchase.***

Mastering ISO 9001:2015

No better way to improve your business today!

Fully Customizable Documentation Template Kit

Everything you need to create your ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System  

Does your company require a quality system, but you are not sure where to start with your documentation?  

Don’t worry, we have you covered!  

Why spend countless hours and resources laboring over how to structure, format, and populate your new quality documents when you could easily have that done for you instantly!  

Do you know which documents you need, or which documents you should start first?  

Should it be the Quality Manual, Procedures, Forms or Checklists?  

What about your processes, when do these come into play?  

Save Your Time & Money! 

Just think of how many wasted hours you will spend with your nose stuck in a word document just trying to get all the inconsequential things right before you even get to the meat of the document itself. Painful isn’t it!  

How much money will this cost you in time and resources when that time could be spend in other areas that need your attention?  

Think about it, if someone walked into your office and said "I can cut your workload in half (at a minimum) for a few hundred bucks", would you be interested?  

I know I would! My time is valuable and worth much more than a few dollars, both to me and my company.  

Don’t spend your valuable time trying to reinvent the wheel when we have already done this work for you.  

We are experts in this field and we know what is required in these documents in terms of customer, regulatory, and ISO requirements.  

So take the guess work out of the equation and let us provide you with our ready made templates for all your QMS documentation, with all the necessary verbiage pre-populated for you, and you can simply fill in the pieces that are pertinent and specific to your organization and scope of business. (This part you know)  

It’s all in there already, everything you need to develop your quality management system and its all compliant with the latest version of ISO 9001:2015.

  Check Out The samples below:  

**Download QMS Documentation Index**  

**Download Sample Procedure Document Here!**  

**Download Sample Form Document Here!**

And the entire kit is absolutely FREE with the training program!! 

***The complete set of customizable templates will be available for download as a zip file immediately after purchase.***  

Mastering ISO 9001:2015

No better way to improve your business today!

How ISO 9001 Applies To Your Industry

But Isn’t ISO 9001 for manufacturing only? 

Absolutely not! 

  • If your industry requires organizations to have a management system and processes to function effectively (what industry doesn’t require this?) than ISO 9001 applies to you!
  • The ISO 9001 standard is generic; its parts must be carefully interpreted to make sense within a particular organization. 
  • Developing software is not like making cheese, offering counseling services, or repairing civil aircraft, yet the ISO 9001 guidelines, because they are business management guidelines, can be applied to each of these. 
  • Diverse organizations—police departments (United States), professional soccer teams (Mexico), and city councils (UK)—have successfully implemented ISO 9001:2000 systems. (Credit: Wikipedia.org)
  • Some industry sectors such as automotive, health care, or aviation for example, have wanted to standardize their interpretations of the guidelines within their own marketplace. This is partly to ensure that their versions of ISO 9000 have their specific requirements, but the overall concepts and requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard remain intact.

*Regardless of the industry you are in ISO 9001 can form the foundation of your quality management system, therefore becoming proficient in this diverse standard can be an extremely valuable and highly marketable skill-set to have.*  

My Company Is Not ISO 9001 Certified, Can This Program Still Benefit Me?


This is a common misconception.

  • Most people automatically think of company certification when they think of ISO 9001, but this is only a small part of the wide scope of the ISO 9001 function.
  • ISO 9001 is the world’s leading and most accepted quality management standard, and it forms the basis for most quality management systems within organizations, whether they are certified or not.
  • Implementing an ISO 9001 based quality system, and becoming ISO 9001 certified, are two completely separate processes.
  • An organization does NOT require formal certification to ISO 9001 in order to benefit from its concepts and guidelines. Many companies structure there quality systems around ISO 9001, but simply do not apply for certification.

Mastering ISO 9001:2015

No better way to improve your business today!

Examples of the More Than 70 Lessons Included in the Program 


Introduction to Clause 5: Leadership

In this lesson we will take a look at clause 5, leadership, which covers the requirements for top management to demonstrate leadership & commitment with respect to the quality management system, promote customer focus, establishing clear roles and responsibilities, and a policy that reflects that commitment to quality, and the satisfaction of its customers.


Lesson 7.5: Competence

Section 7.2 highlights the requirements for assessing personnel competency. 

Organizations must ensure that all personnel performing work at any level of the quality management system, that may have a direct or indirect affect on product quality and conformity to requirements, are competent in their ability to successfully and effectively achieve quality objectives.  


Introduction to Clause 8: Operations

Up to this point the ISO 9001:2015 standard has been guiding us in the development of processes to support the organization's Quality management system. 

In clause 8, operations, we are taking a closer look at the products and services themselves and the means to realize those products and services through each stage of the planning, design, production and final delivery or turnover process. 

We will discuss the importance of making informed determinations on the requirements for the products and services offered by the organization.

What People Are Saying About The Program

"Even though I have a solid background in the ISO 9001:2008 standard, the Mastering ISO 9001:2015 on-line training was very helpful in defining the new standard and the changes from the previous standard. The book Mastering ISO 9001:2015 has been very useful as a reference when developing or revising processes and procedures to the new standard. My colleague, who has a strong background in HSEQ completed the on-line training and stated it was presented in a clear, understandable format and gave her a good understanding of ISO and the new standard. Thank you for providing valuable training at a great price."  

Larry Walsh - QA Manager ,Vancouver, BC

“I am a contract ISO 9001 internal auditor who performs internal audits for a well known company. I have taken several online courses and have so far found yours to be the best of the best. I periodically suggest courses to clients for their training and I will definitely refer to your course as companies prepare for the transition. It is refreshing to listen to an instructor who is easy to follow and understand.”

– R. Alvarez – ISO 9001 Consultant

“Well presented with simple vocabulary, clear explanations and very straight forward. Even for an ISO 9001:2008 specialist this course helped clarify the differences with the 2015 updates.”

– E. Poudret – Quality Management Professional

“After viewing the free trial, I decided to purchase the full course. I wasn’t disappointed, It was very good and a great value!”

– R. Kaczynski ASQ CMQ/OE, CQE, CQA – Senior Manager, Quality Planning

“Excellent, informative and well presented”

– A. Cairns – Previous Member

“The training shows clear concepts and the lessons are short and concise. The quizzes are also a great refresher for the important topics.”

– Pardo – Member

“Very clear information. Well paced. Easy to understand.”

– A. Vakulya – Member

“I found the course easy to follow and informative and will definitely help me going forward with our QMS. I have recommend to some of my direct reports they take the course.”

– John Hanna – Quality Manager