Don’t Let Your Expertise Become Obsolete!

Join over 1400+ professionals who are kick starting their professional value with the latest ISO 9001 Standard 

As of September 2018, the current version of the world's most popular management standard will no longer be valid, so it's time to add ISO 9001:2015 to your professional tool kit!

Don’t Delay!!!

Did you know that as of September 2018 ISO 9001:2008 will no longer be valid and that ISO 9001:2015 will be the only recognized ISO certified quality management standard? 

That leaves a very short window of time for organizations and quality professionals to become familiar and compliant with the new version.  

Don’t wait for your knowledge and expertise to become obsolete! Act now and get up to speed with the new requirements and showcase your new credentials and skill today.  

There are many changes to the 2015 standard and you will need time to implement them in your business or to help your clients make the necessary changes.

Get Ahead Of The Competition

Make sure that YOU are the one clients and employers turn to for the help that they will surely need.  

Mastering ISO 9001:2015 will give you everything you need to get up to speed fast and start using your new knowledge right away. 

Don’t wait for the deadline to come and go and get left behind and scrambling to catch up with the industry standard.

Mastering ISO 9001:2015

No better way to improve your career or business today!

Do Any of the Questions Below Apply to You?

  • Have experience with ISO 9001:2008 but need to update your knowledge with the latest version?
  • Do you need to develop and implement a quality management system in your organization? 
  • Are you new to ISO 9001 and looking to get your company certified?  
  • Do you need to upgrade your current QMS to the new ISO 9001:2015 requirements? 
  • Would you like to familiarize your staff with the requirements of ISO 9001, but don’t want to spend a fortune on in-class training? 
  • Maybe you simply want to add a valuable and marketable skill to your professional tool kit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you must continue reading!

ISO 9001 is Unquestionably the Ultimate Global Benchmark for Quality Management. 

But getting certified involves a number of problems:

  • It’s expensive, costing thousands of dollars in classroom based training and annual fees – almost unthinkable for smaller companies with tight training budgets
  • It’s common to have your training covered by your companies training budget, but the enormous cost can make it difficult for management to see a positive cost vs. benefit and cover the cost of your training.  
  • It’s time consuming, resulting in 3 – 5 days of lost productivity, along with time away from family.

Just check out this receipt for one of my own classroom based ISO 9001 trainings…Ouch!  

  • Add to that the $375 USD Annual fee!
  • 5 days of hotel, meals, rental car and lost work!
  • And the most painful part about this is, I never actually needed, or used this certification for its intended purpose!
  • All the functions I have carried out as a Project Quality Manager, Internal Auditor, Vendor/Supplier (External) Auditor, Corporate Quality Manager, and Consultant did not require this level of certification. 
  • Why? Because I have never worked on behalf of a certification authority (ISO Registrar) to provide an organization with an ISO Certificate!  
  • And chances are, neither will you!  

The Solution? 

The Mastering ISO 9001 Training Program

We’ve effectively trained over 1400 professionals with our best in class eLearning courses on Quality Management and ISO 9001.

Our online courses are based on the ISO 9001:2015 Standards and are led by a certified and experienced instructor making them more effective than other online options on the market, and much more economical then classroom based training.

Conveniently become an expert in the latest ISO 9001 standard from the comfort of your office, at home, while you travel, or anyplace with an internet connection! 

It’s really that easy!

Mastering ISO 9001:2015

No better way to improve your career or business today!

How ISO 9001 Applies To Your Industry

But Isn’t ISO 9001 for manufacturing only? 

Absolutely not! 

  • If your industry requires organizations to have a management system and processes to function effectively (what industry doesn’t require this?) than ISO 9001 applies to you!
  • The ISO 9001 standard is generic; its parts must be carefully interpreted to make sense within a particular organization. 
  • Developing software is not like making cheese, offering counseling services, or repairing civil aircraft, yet the ISO 9001 guidelines, because they are business management guidelines, can be applied to each of these. 
  • Diverse organizations—police departments (United States), professional soccer teams (Mexico), and city councils (UK)—have successfully implemented ISO 9001:2000 systems. (Credit:
  • Some industry sectors such as automotive, health care, or aviation for example, have wanted to standardize their interpretations of the guidelines within their own marketplace. This is partly to ensure that their versions of ISO 9000 have their specific requirements, but the overall concepts and requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard remain intact.

*Regardless of the industry you are in ISO 9001 can form the foundation of your quality management system, therefore becoming proficient in this diverse standard can be an extremely valuable and highly marketable skill-set to have.*  

My Company Is Not ISO 9001 Certified, Can This Training Still Benefit Me?


This is a common misconception.

  • Most people automatically think of company certification when they think of ISO 9001, but this is only a small part of the wide scope of the ISO 9001 function.
  • ISO 9001 is the world’s leading and most accepted quality management standard, and it forms the basis for most quality management systems within organizations, whether they are certified or not.
  • Implementing an ISO 9001 based quality system, and becoming ISO 9001 certified, are two completely separate processes.
  • An organization does NOT require formal certification to ISO 9001 in order to benefit from its concepts and guidelines. Many companies structure there quality systems around ISO 9001, but simply do not apply for certification.

*So with such a widespread acceptance throughout varied industries and geographical locations, you can easily see how becoming proficient in the ISO 9001 standard could be beneficial to anyone looking to add valuable skill to their professional resume!*

What This Training Has To Offer!

The ISO 9001 standard is an essential tool for strengthening the success, profitability and potential of any business or organization. This training will better position your business to improve on customer focus, exceed requirements, and achieve customer satisfaction.  

Mastering ISO 9001 is the ultimate guide to understanding the core concepts and intent of the world's leading quality management standard.  

It will help you implement and maintain a “value added” quality management system (QMS) that satisfy client requirements, as well as the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard itself.

Here Are Some Of The Many Features Included In The Program:

  • Over 60 Video based lessons
  • 10 lesson based Quizzes
  • Downloadable PDF slide decks
  • MP3 Audio Files
  • Copy of Mastering ISO 9001 e-book
  • E-mail access to instructor
  • Access to members only Forum
  • Certificate of Completion

Who Should Take This Training Program?

  • Any individual requiring a working knowledge and understanding of ISO 9001 standard  
  • Quality Professionals/Consultants  
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents/CEOs  
  • ISO Coordinators/Management Representatives  
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors  
  • Laboratory quality professionals
  • Anyone involved in the development or implementation of a Quality Management System (This does not have to be an ISO 9001 certified system)

The Ultimate Guide to ISO 9001

  • Contains everything you need to know about the latest edition
  • Allows you to get ahead of the competition fast with highly valuable knowledge & a new skill set
  • Start showcasing your new skills today!  


60+ Comprehensive Video Lessons

  • Each lesson will walk you through each and every clause of the ISO 9001 Standard
  • Lessons are packed with valuable information and insights  
  • You’ll learn from a certified and experienced quality management professional with years of ISO 9001 experience in industries such as aviation, oil and energy, manufacturing, construction, engineering, and more!  



10 Lesson-Based Quizzes

  • Test your knowledge and understanding of what you have learned in the associated lesson module 
  • Solidify your knowledge and retention of the course content so that you will be equipped to implement the standard in your career or business
  • The quizzes are a vital step to ensure you have a firm grasp of the content before making use of your newfound knowledge in your career or business. 

Downloadable PDF Video Slide Decks

  • The free downloadable video slide decks will help in quick and easy reference, both during the training and in your professional activities long after your training is completed  
  • No need to worry about searching through hours of video to find that one particular slide you are looking for 
  • Simply download the PDF slide decks which are separated by lesson, and easily find the information you need!  


Mastering ISO 9001 e-Book

  • Free copy of the Mastering ISO 9001 e-Book acts as a text transcript of the course material for easy reference 
  • Provides a detailed, straightforward and practical explanation of the latest version of the world’s most widely recognized management standard
  • Intended for use both during the training and in your professional activities long after your training is over  

Certificate of Completion (Extra Charge)

  • Your certificate will allow you to showcase your proficiency in the latest ISO 9001 standard
  • The perfect way to demonstrate your knowledge and credentials to others such as employers, potential employers, or clients
  • Include your certificate on your resume; post it on your social media profiles such as LinkedIn.  


Access to a Growing Community

  • Access a growing community of like-minded professionals in all stages of knowledge and experience through our exclusive Members Forum 
  • Log in to your training and be automatically logged in to the Forum at the same time  
  • Simply type in your question or comment and receive feedback from your peers and instructors!  


Mastering ISO 9001:2015

No better way to improve your career or business today!

Examples of the Lessons Included in the Program 


Introduction to Clause 5: Leadership

In this lesson we will take a look at clause 5, leadership, which covers the requirements for top management to demonstrate leadership & commitment with respect to the quality management system, promote customer focus, establishing clear roles and responsibilities, and a policy that reflects that commitment to quality, and the satisfaction of its customers.


Lesson 7.5: Competence

Section 7.2 highlights the requirements for assessing personnel competency. 

Organizations must ensure that all personnel performing work at any level of the quality management system, that may have a direct or indirect affect on product quality and conformity to requirements, are competent in their ability to successfully and effectively achieve quality objectives.  


Introduction to Clause 8: Operations

Up to this point the ISO 9001:2015 standard has been guiding us in the development of processes to support the organization's Quality management system. 

In clause 8, operations, we are taking a closer look at the products and services themselves and the means to realize those products and services through each stage of the planning, design, production and final delivery or turnover process. 

We will discuss the importance of making informed determinations on the requirements for the products and services offered by the organization.


Lesson 9.6: Internal Audit 

Leadpages employs over 40 tech-savvy support pros who are happy to answer any questions you have about Leaddigits or any other Leadpages feature. As a member, you'll also be invited to an active, encouraging Facebook community where you can connect with thousands of Leadpages members and staff to ask questions.  

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the training program, we’re happy to offer you an iron-clad money-back guarantee.

Simply send us an email explaining why you are unhappy with the training within 7 days of purchase and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

It’s that simple! 

We don’t take the satisfaction of our clients lightly and only want you to participate if you believe you are getting value for your money. If you need further convincing, just take a quick look at our testimonials!

So feel secure in knowing that even if you sign up today, you still have the option to get a refund.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, so sign up today! 

What People Are Saying About The Program

"Even though I have a solid background in the ISO 9001:2008 standard, the Mastering ISO 9001:2015 on-line training was very helpful in defining the new standard and the changes from the previous standard. The book Mastering ISO 9001:2015 has been very useful as a reference when developing or revising processes and procedures to the new standard. My colleague, who has a strong background in HSEQ completed the on-line training and stated it was presented in a clear, understandable format and gave her a good understanding of ISO and the new standard. Thank you for providing valuable training at a great price."  

Larry Walsh - QA Manager ,Vancouver, BC

“I am a contract ISO 9001 internal auditor who performs internal audits for a well known company. I have taken several online courses and have so far found yours to be the best of the best. I periodically suggest courses to clients for their training and I will definitely refer to your course as companies prepare for the transition. It is refreshing to listen to an instructor who is easy to follow and understand.”

– R. Alvarez – ISO 9001 Consultant

“Well presented with simple vocabulary, clear explanations and very straight forward. Even for an ISO 9001:2008 specialist this course helped clarify the differences with the 2015 updates.”

– E. Poudret – Quality Management Professional

“After viewing the free trial, I decided to purchase the full course. I wasn’t disappointed, It was very good and a great value!”

– R. Kaczynski ASQ CMQ/OE, CQE, CQA – Senior Manager, Quality Planning

“Excellent, informative and well presented”

– A. Cairns – Previous Member

“The training shows clear concepts and the lessons are short and concise. The quizzes are also a great refresher for the important topics.”

– Pardo – Member

“Very clear information. Well paced. Easy to understand.”

– A. Vakulya – Member

“I found the course easy to follow and informative and will definitely help me going forward with our QMS. I have recommend to some of my direct reports they take the course.”

– John Hanna – Quality Manager

Mastering ISO 9001:2015

No better way to improve your career or business today!

My Personal Guarantee and Challenge to You!

I personally challenge you to find another ISO 9001 training program that can offer you this amount of high quality content along with the exposure and visibility we offer by sharing your achievements and skill set, along with your contact information via your LinkedIn profile with a hand picked and nurtured group of over 13000 professionals, executives, managers, and business owners!!  

Trust me, you won’t find that offered anywhere else, especially not the big certification providers. 

The “big guys” are focused on high priced onsite training programs” and only offer (if they offer online training at all) dull automated voice over slides with general, high-level overviews of the standard.  

They will provide you with adequate online training, but certainly not with the level of detail provided in our training program!  

Once you start the training and see an actual real life person, the same person who is available to assist you along the way with personalized assistance and not some list of (FAQ) frequently asked questions, providing you with everything you need to know about the latest ISO 9001 standard, you will understand completely what I mean by this.

I give you my personal guarantee that you will not be disappointed, or you can get your money back! I am that confident in the product and training package we have built.  

I am a certified and experienced Quality Management Professional in multiple industries and disciplines, so I will not simply read you word for word from the standard itself. I provide you with what the standard requires and what it means in plain English and real world perspectives.  

I have yet to receive a negative review on the course content and I believe this is because we have created something truly unique and valuable to the thousands of professionals and business owners who spend their hard earned dollars to participate in our programs!  

I created this program because I am just like you, a working professional trying to improve his/her business, career, or value to their employers and clients. 

I am not a professional trainer, internet marketer, software developer, or a social media guru. I wear all of these hats as part of my business, but I am a Quality Management Professional first and foremost, and now I wish to share my knowledge and experience with you, so lets get started!

Online Training is So Anonymous!

Still think online training is impersonal and cold, providing little to no support, or the benefit of a real person behind the scenes to support what you are being taught?  

Unfortunatly you are mostly correct...but not in this case!

Message us at or, or even better yet, call us at (403) 978-9703 and see for yourself! 

And yes, you will likely get a response on a Saturday evening!  

Standard business hours do not apply! 

I know, hard to believe right? Try it and see! 

I mean it, call us right now and lets see what customer service and accountability realy mean in todays business society or simply to say hi! 

The big guys cant give you that!  

Meet Some of Our Students

Brandon completed the training program and got his certificate which we shared with over 13000 professionals, executives, managers, and business owners via LinkedIn.

Brandon completed the training program and got his certificate which we shared with over 13000 professionals, executives, managers, and business owners via LinkedIn.

“Shared with over 13000 professionals and decision makers”

Congratulations to Brandon Wells for successfully completing the “Mastering ISO 9001:2015 Online Training Program!” 

With this certificate Brandon has shown his commitment to excellence and professional value. 

Learn more about Brandon by visiting his profile, and maybe make a valued connection! 

Thomas also completed his training program and got his certificate which we shared with over 13000 professionals, executives, managers, and business owners via LinkedIn.

“Shared with over 13000 professionals and decision makers”

Congratulations to Thomas Varghese for successfully completing the “Mastering ISO 9001:2015 Online Training Program!” 

With this certificate Thomas has shown his commitment to excellence and professional value. 

Learn more about Thomas by visiting his profile, and maybe make a valued connection! 

Masoud also completed the training program and got his certificate which we shared with over 13000 professionals, executives, managers, and business owners via LinkedIn.

“Shared with over 13000 professionals and decision makers”

Congratulations to Masoud Bagherirad for successfully completing the “Mastering ISO 9001:2015 Online Training Program!” 

With this certificate Masoud has shown his commitment to excellence and professional value. 

Learn more about Masoud by visiting his profile, and maybe make a valued connection!

Myth Buster Fact

Did you know that there is NO REQUIREMENT to hold an ISO Lead Auditor Certification unless you are going to work and audit for an actual ISO Registrar or Certification Board? 

That means if you are working as a consultant, or quality management professional, you only need to be knowledgeable and competent in the requirements to provide an organization with what they need to implement and maintain ISO 9001!

Let’s break that down again so you fully understand what is required:

  • Working for an ISO Registrar or Certification Board (Providing Organizations with ISO Certificate) = Lead Auditor Certification is required.
  • Everything else (Consulting, Auditing, Managing, Etc.) = Knowledgeable and competent in the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard. That's it! 

*Lead Auditor Certification is Not required for 99% of qualiy management roles, even in an ISO 9001 environment such as a certified organization.*

Save yourself some time and money and understand exactly what you need to achieve your career or business goals.

Mastering ISO 9001:2015

No better way to improve your career or business today!

Benefits of Online Learning

For companies looking to incorporate a new training program, e-learning offers numerous advantages when compared to face-to-face or classroom learning. Advancement and efficiency are extremely important to businesses today, and many organizations are turning to e-learning to save money, time, and energy. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of the main benefits a company can gain from implementing an online training platform.  

  • Cost Effective – An online training system reduces many costs that would normally be associated with classroom training, including travel, learning materials, venue, and catering. Important text packets and lesson plans can be updated quickly and easily, and since they remain online, can save on printing costs. In years past, updating and reproducing learning material would be costly and timely. Moving the learning experience online helps with both of those concerns.
  • Improved Performance & Productivity – People are always looking for opportunities to grow. Online training allows employees to quickly get up to speed on new processes. One major complaint about older style training methods is that the time consuming nature of the programs take away from valuable time that could have been spent on other work. With online training, employees can participate in their online courses at any time from any location – including at home, during down time at work, or anywhere else they feel is appropriate.
  • Convenience Fexability – E-learning means no boundaries. Employees have the ability to participate in online courses from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates a lot of energy spent coordinating where and when a course will take place. Gathering a whole team of employees together in one place is never easy. E-learning gives both management and employees more flexibility with getting important training completed just-in-time as requirements change.
  • Easier Access To Information – We all know that referring back to sloppy hand-written notes taken during training sessions is not the most effective way to retain information. Online training helps take paper out of the equation altogether. E-learning materials are stored online, so employees can access important resources any time they encounter a question or difficult situation. And really, isn’t that the point of the training anyway?
  • Personalized Learning – Not every individual learns the same way. Even though the course material is consistent for all users, e-learning allows each individual learner to control the pace of the course. Because of the flexibility e-learning provides, users can also take the course in an environment more conducive to their learning style.  

The benefits of online learning are plentiful. But here’s where businesses may be the most interested: the bottom line. E-learning will help companies create a higher quality, more effective training experience for employees, all at a more affordable cost. When employees can be more excited about training, their engagement carries over into the rest of their work. A company’s ROI from an online training implementation can be felt strongly and immediately.

Benefits of Becoming Proficient in the ISO 9001 Standard

Knowledge, skills, plus exposure!


Not only do organizations save time and money from implementing ISO 9001, but you will save thousands of $$$ in onsite training expense and precious time away from family and work!  


ISO 9001 is designed to improve processes and promote quality within an organization.This is essential for cutting waste, ineffective processes and costly rework.


If you have the expertise organizations need to improve and maintain clients you will be the easy choice to represent there quality needs. Be the one organizations turn to for help!  


Sound Processes and control measures are key to reducing the risk of nonconformity before they reach your clients doorstep. Take steps to improve client perception.


Get ahead of the crowd and be the one to turn to for ISO 9001:2015 expertise. Make yourself the easy choice for clients! Plus organizations with a strong QMS will retain more clients.


There is no question that being the one with the expertise is required to get the job or client. Skyrocket your value by investing in your knowledge and credentials. This is a fact and my own career is proof in itself! Ask me how..