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QCA specializes in delivering virtual quality management consulting services to multiple industries and organizational size. In today’s business environment it is virtually impossible to be successful without some form of a quality program in place with clear processes for how you operate. Clients demand it, industry and regulatory bodies demand it, and the consumer demands it.

At QCAonline we strive to help you implement a quality management system to not only satisfy those requirements, but also making your business more efficient and profitable. The best part is we do this while saving you precious time and money!

In addition to providing high quality virtual consulting, QCA also offers online quality management based training services covering such areas as ISO 9001, quality auditing and continuous improvement.

Online training and consulting is an extremely cost-effective method for providing professional and customized services. We can work with you to develop your Quality Management System in real-time, utilizing multiple online communication methods such as email, voice and video conferencing. Advances in online communication and collaboration allow for exciting new ways to do business efficiently and economically.

Major benefits include – Convenience & Flexibility – Availability – No Employee Overhead – No Travel Expense – No Hiring & Recruiting Expense – Lower Consulting Rates.

ISO 9001 certification can be beneficial for any organization, however, due to the high cost and commitment involved, formal certification is just not feasible, or necessary, for many organizations in order to meet their specific needs and requirements. Implementing a quality management system that is “based” on the latest ISO 9001 standard can in many cases be sufficient to improve performance and meet the needs and requirements of its current and prospective clients. can help you achieve that goal!



My pic 2Greg Peckford (Founder of QCA) is a corporate quality/Improvement/HSE management professional, certified quality auditor and Health, Safety & Environment administrator, and Author of Mastering ISO 9001:2015. He holds certifications with RABQSA, ASQ (American Society for Quality) and ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association), with over 18 years’ experience in areas of aviation, oil and energy, engineering and construction management.






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